Bad Ego


Who made the ego bad?

What kind of bullshit is that?

I know the ego isn’t ‘Glinda the Good Witch’; it doesn’t arrive with a wand, fairy wings and grant wishes.

But if you sat down and shared tea and sympathy with your ego it would confess that it’s just trying to support you.

Thwarted support? Yes of course, compassionately.

The ego is like the psychotic defender of house and home, employed to protect the contents.

It’s not aware that the house doesn’t need protection and the contents are immortally safe.

Most of our ego personality is formed early, a by-product of ill perspective and perception.

But created with good intention in the thwarted attempt to keep you safe and secure.

The ego personality is the unexamined character and attitude of self.

It is looked at and re-viewed in self-consciousness and reflection only when there is awareness that reality doesn’t meet expectation. And when The Gap between reality and expectation is a shit-storm of dysfunction and sadness.

So instead of observing someone ‘in ego’ as ‘Bob with the stinky-pants’, consider compassionately that Bob employed a character and attitude (personality) to keep him safe.

Bob’s ego might not be your cup of tea.

And you don’t have to drink from his cup.

But it’s his tea, purposefully made his way.

He – just like the rest of us – is trying to navigate a sometimes-hostile environment with a delicate operating system.

And owning a pair of stinky-pants is prerequisite for being human.

Your stinky-pants are different, but being human meant that you were made and measured for yours in a perfect personality fit for your ill perspectives and perceptions.

And just like Bob, you can choose to review and change your stinky-pants when you become conscious of the shit-storm in The Gap between your reality and expectation.

Michelle x

I acknowledge my teachers, it is because they have had the courage to journey that I am empowered – fruit of their gifts and abilities – to journey too.

Many of these gifts and abilities are initiated and embodied at a great cost, I acknowledge and appreciate this.

But no cost is greater than the soul unexpressed, disempowered.

And no reward greater than the soul expressed, empowered.

Thank you.


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