Soul & Ego Personality


‘But I still have a personality’, I looked at my healer incredulous, crestfallen.

I’ve done all this spiritual work and hundreds of healing sessions and I.still.have.a.personality.

We need to get rid of this fucker’.

She looked at me weirdly, shocked.

I thought that being ‘spiritual’ meant that I talk in monotone, stare straight ahead, don’t blink much and wear a cardigan.

‘I’m not there yet. Let’s keep going’.

She didn’t rebuke with the wisdom and insight I needed for a full-circle review of this fuckery, but I figured it out on my own. Thank God.

I’m a split personality. We all are.

We each have an ego and a soul personality.

Under the Christmas Tree, wrapped in a pretty pink bow were my Earth-birthed gifts; an ego and a soul personality.


(Pray tell).

The soul personality is your primordial personality in this lifetime made up of your numerology and astrology, fortified by your learnings, wisdom, passion and desireless desires.

Motivated by your values.

The ego personality is your beta personality in this lifetime made up of the beta frequency of ‘bad and wrong’ and the offensive and defensive survival strategies (plus mask and shadow) of this beta frequency.

You can be cheeky, smart-ass, loud, boisterous, funny, obstinate and angry as a soul.

Conversely, you can talk in monotone, stare straight ahead, not blink much and wear a cardigan as an ego.

Weird hey.

What makes the ego personality different from the soul personality is fear.

And what makes fear is fight, flight, freeze and fawn; the defensive and offensive survival strategy of beta frequency.


If you’ve done a shit-load of personal development work and healing sessions – or whatever – and you still have a personality it’s probably indicative that you’ve still got a soul.


And a soul is not only the gift under the Christmas Tree but also the star on top, divine spark.

Keep being the star.

And keep exploring the fuckery of ego.

Michelle x

I acknowledge my teachers, it is because they have had the courage to journey that I am empowered – fruit of their gifts and abilities – to journey too.

Many of these gifts and abilities are initiated and embodied at a great cost, I acknowledge and appreciate this.

But no cost is greater than the soul unexpressed, disempowered.

And no reward greater than the soul expressed, empowered.

Thank you.


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